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Blog de Noël

What to do in London at Christmas?

Do you want to celebrate Christmas in London in the land of Queen Elizabeth II? Excellent choice ! Let’s go for an overview of the city’s most popular attractions at this time in this article.

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What are the Christmas traditions in Germany?

At Christmas, many traditions now take place in the daily life of all families. In Germany, these traditions are even stronger. This article will help you live like a real German at Christmas through the 5 essential Christmas traditions.

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Where to celebrate Christmas in Australia?

The children are on vacation, the snow has recently fallen, the atmosphere breathes a special scent: it’s almost Christmas. Are you dreaming of sunshine and a white sand beach for Christmas? But where to celebrate Christmas in Australia? Discover the Top 4 Australian cities to party!

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Christmas Monsters

Holiday season customs, which include St. Nicholas, New Year’s Day and Epiphany, as well as Christmas, often incorporate earlier pagan traditions that have been appropriated and adapted for contemporary use. The customs that encourage little children to be good often have a dark side… Between witches, cannibalism, goat demons and ritualistic child murderers, chills are guaranteed.https://www.youtube.com/embed/OTutU9q2kWE

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Does Santa Claus Exist?

Does Santa Claus Exist? The Christmas holidays are for you synonymous with trauma, because one day close to the end of the year holidays, you

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Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe (Viscum Album) is a Christmas Tradition and a New Year’s Tradition at midnight, but the history of this plant dates back thousands of years.

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Santa Claus and Coca-Cola

A rumor is circulating about Santa Claus, the master of the North Pole, it seems that Coca-Cola would have created him to increase its sales of soft drinks in winter. We conducted our little investigation and it turns out that no Santa Claus is not a marketing creation of the Coca-Cola group.

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Christmas in July

Christmas in July When to celebrate Christmas in summer? Do we celebrate Christmas in July or do we celebrate Christmas in June? How to celebrate

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Christmas Sweater Day 2022

As the holidays approach, you’re probably wondering when is World Christmas Sweater Day? International Christmas Sweater Day takes place every third Friday of December, on December 16, 2022!

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What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?

Santa Claus has 9 reindeer who help him deliver gifts to all the children in the world every December 25. They are named in this order: Tornado, Dancer, Fury, Fringant, Comet, Cupid, Thunder, Lightning and finally Rudolph, the little Reindeer with the red nose!

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