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Christmas checklist: Start the preparations!

As the traditional Christmas party approaches, everyone is busy enjoying moments of joy with their loved ones. Starting the preparations in advance allows you to avoid the stress of the last moments and to really enjoy the magic of the end of the year celebrations. With a Christmas Checklist , you will find all the steps to organize a peaceful party. It includes all the elements such as the purchase of Christmas gifts, the choice of the tree, the decoration of the house, the guest list, etc. Here are more details on the subject.

christmas family gift

Why start Christmas preparations early?

Starting to prepare for Christmas early has several advantages and helps to easily find the right Christmas gift for everyone. This allows you to save money. You know how difficult it is to manage a budget wisely during the holiday season. You have to manage both the Christmas gift to offer to a loved one, the invitation cards, the unexpected, the decoration, etc.

By starting the Christmas party early, you will avoid wasting time. You will be able to do your shopping without spending long hours there. Indeed, the shops are crowded during these times of the year.

Starting preparations in advance also helps to avoid unnecessary stress. It must be said that the end-of-year holiday season is very stressful. The thing is, there’s a lot to do and experience in a short amount of time. By planning early, you’ll really enjoy the party. You will also be safe from oversights. In short, you will better organize your tasks to enjoy every moment of the magic of the holidays with your loved ones.

A Christmas Checklist from September

A good preparation for the Christmas party extends over several months.

September checklist

During this month, you can start by establishing your Christmas budget. Establishing and defining a budget will allow you to better manage your expenses. Likewise, you will be able to deal with all the unexpected , which will avoid unpleasant surprises.

During this month, you can also make a list of people to whom you will give Christmas gifts. This list is made up of your loved ones, your family, your friends, your colleagues and all the people you want to please.

At the same time, you can use this month to take your children’s Christmas gift list. You can also list ideas, supplies to buy for Christmas decoration.

It is also during this month that you can start by following the bargains in stores and online.

October checklist

In October, you can start by buying the items from your list established in September. Even if the party is still far away, we advise you to start your first purchases. This allows you to stay within your budget. So, buy the decorating supplies and gifts.

Also take advantage of the time you have left to check the condition of your dishes. If you’ve decided on a special theme for the Christmas table decoration, make sure your dinnerware matches.

November checklist

On your checklist for the month of November, you can include the sending of invitations for Christmas. If you’re hosting a reception today, now is a great time to start inviting your guests .

In order not to be surprised by the weather, it is best to start decorating the house in November. Thus, you will announce the colors of the party. You will only have to base yourself on the ideas and inspirations that you noted in the months of September and October.

Using supplies purchased in October, start by making homemade presents. This will save you the stress in case of failure.

In some families, it is a tradition to prepare cookies and gourmet gifts. They are either consumed at home or offered to relatives. In mid-November, you can start preparing them if this is also the case at home.

Also take advantage of Black Friday to shop at a reduced cost. However, beware of impulse purchases.

December checklist

You can start decorating the Christmas tree this month. This is the event that inaugurates the end of year celebrations.

At the beginning of the month, send Christmas cards to be sure that the guests will receive them on time. Also prepare the gift packages as you go. This is also the time to check everything related to food orders, sending gifts remotely, the Christmas playlist, etc.

The week before Christmas is devoted to:

  • The layout of the house;
  • The finalization of the last purchases;
  • Preparation of dishes and kitchen utensils;
  • And the preparation of music and photo devices.

By following this checklist, you will be relaxed on Christmas Day. All you have to do is set the table, prepare your meals and enjoy the party to the fullest.

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